Saturday, 16 April 2011


You know, when I wrote the last entry I thought to myself, HELL THAT'S A PRETTY UNIQUE T-SHIRT. However, going through my gargantuan collection I gaped in astonishment as I pulled this from the detritus for I apparently own two cat/purple/space themed t-shirts. This is madness; THIS IS SPACE CAT.

If you were composed entirely of purple nebulae I'm sure you'd be peeved too. I love space and I love cats, so there was really no question over the purchase of this fine fettered fashion item from the fine folks at threadless. Oooh, just look at those colours/that alliteration!

Sad to say I don't wear this as often as I should, because there's something about black t-shirts that I just don't dig, man. I should probably also say right now that I do have a rather large percentage of cat-related t-shirts in my collection, so prepare yourself...BUT WE ALL LIKE CATS, DON'T WE? MEOW!

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